Aluminum Formwork & Falsework Equipment

Concrete Column Forms

SCI provided the round FRP Column Forms, the FRP Column Capital Forms, the FRP Dome Forms, and the entire Formwork & Falsework System for the construction of this project.


SCI provided custom FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) Column Forms and custom Steel Forms (base section) for these "elephant foot" column on a major wastewater treatment facility in the United States.


Custom Steel Column Forms furnished by SCI for this 52 story bank building. The steel columns were heavily reinforced and encased in concrete. SCI's forms were designed with hinged, sliding panels to eliminate the need for dismantling between each use.

Work cages were included with the Custom Steel Column Forms, which allowed workers to safely access the exterior side of the column forms & steel structure. Column construction schedule was critical to the overall production schedule as this project was designed as a composite structure.



SCI designed these 24" x 24" x 20' high (600mm x 600mm x 6.1M) FRP column forms for a major interstate highway project in the United States. Forms were used thirty (30) times.

Even after many uses, the FRP forms maintained their structural integrity. Lightweight FRP made the forms very easy to erect and remove with each use.