Consulting Services

Structural Contours, Inc. offers consulting services to architects, engineers, developers and contractors. Some of these services are performed on a fee basis and some are performed in connection with predetermined contract obligations between SCI and their clients. Those services performed by SCI under contract obligation shall be done only with the written guarantee by the client that the formwork and/or falsework equipment that may be required for the project will be furnished exclusively by SCI.

Our consulting services are primarily directed towards the equipment and methodology of concrete construction, both from an architectural viewpoint to an engineering viewpoint, depending upon the application or requirements.

The best time to contact SCI is during the design stages if possible. As this is not possible most of the time, we are commonly contracted by the contractor after the project has been bid and awarded to the low bidder.

SCI has the expertise to design and furnish the most cost effective equipment and systems for the work to be performed. We work closely with your project engineers and supervisory personnel, taking measures to determine all facts and information that may be relative to the project's construction process.