FORMWORK- Special Applications

More than 2 miles (3.22 km) of reinforced concrete track bed was formed with a custom system engineered & furnished by SCI.

Special lengths of SCI's standard Aluminum Strongbacks and Aluminum Stringers, combined with custom FRP panels, were all fabricated & assembled into 35' (10.67m) long rolling form units. The roller units also served as jacks that allowed the forms to be raised and lowered as required

The 36" (.91 m) FRP panels were used to form the track bed side walls. Custom forms for ventilation ducts, oil drains, air & lubrication reels, collection boxes, etc. were all suspended from the "frame" of the form structure by means of special threaded rods, bolts, nuts, etc.
The formwork system for this project undoubtedly proves the great versatility and economics of SCI's Aluminum Formwork products and equipment. SCI's client experienced a saving of more than 50% over other forming methods.
SCI's 10KLeg (4,536kg)  Falsework Equipment, SCI's 6.5" (165mm) Aluminum Joists & SCI's Custom Engineered Trusses were used to form this very difficult cast-in-place reinforced concrete stair structure at a Metro North commuter railroad station in the Northeast United States. It was very critical that no element of the formwork/ falsework system extended beyond the edge of the station platform into the active track area. SCI also designed & furnished all of the concrete accessories, architectural feature strips, etc.
Custom Engineered Formwork & Falsework designed by SCI lead to the successful completion of this difficult sludge tank project.
Because of the steep angle of tank bottom, special truss type formwork was used and was supported on SCI's 10K (4,536 kg) Falsework System. Formwork & Falsework equipment were gang assembled at the site and placed by means of a crane.
View of the completed sludge tank. Note the very complex design of this structure's conical shaped bottom.
A custom engineered and manufactured Formwork & Falsework system for this sludge storage tank was very complicated because of the 45 degree sloping tank bottom slab.