Globalite® Systems Engineering Services

Falsework & Formwork, just as with all equipment and materials needed during the construction process, must be designed and engineered very carefully. This will create ease of use and handling while constructing one-story single family housing or multi-story multiple family housing.

SCI's engineers and technicians diligently review and study the plans and specifications that are submitted to us. All architectural and structural features are incorporated into the engineering drawings. We then determine those revisions that can be made which will further add to the economics of the project, but yet maintain or strengthen the desires of the architect, engineer or developer of record, and present such revisions for approval.

After the final design(s) have been satisfactorily established, we then go through a final developmental process which leads to SCI's formalizing the Bill of Materials & Equipment for the project.

Whenever concrete stairs are specified, SCI will make recommendations for the site pre-casting of these elements. (If possible and practical) We also advise on the safe, correct manner in which these stair units must be lifted by crane and set into their permanent position within the structure.

Every client receives several sets engineering drawings and details that provide the precise locations of every piece of Globalite® Systems equipment for each concrete structure. SCI also advises our clients how to safely erect or install, remove, handle and care for the equipment during the construction of the buildings. There is no sparing of safety and quality in any piece of equipment or procedural mechanism put into place by SCI. Workers are fully trained by SCI and become quite competent after a brief learning period. Most of the labor force used with Globalite® Systems is unskilled, with a minimum of skilled supervisory personnel.


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Globalite® Systems is manufactured in Metric and Imperial sizes