Globalite® Systems Field Services

Before the construction begins, SCI dispatches a representative to meet with the client's field personnel and review the engineering drawings and details very carefully. All questions are answered about the use, handling, and placement of the equipment. An open exchange of ideas and methods are considered for implementation on the project. Goals are discussed and set, which ensure the most expedient ways to move the project forward, without sacrificing additional labor. 

Because of the complexity of the interfacing of trades other than falsework and formwork within the scope of the project, SCI assists towards the establishment of fluid coordination and interaction between these operations. All trades are discussed as well as their place within the critical path and their impact on the project if precision implementation is not adhered to.

Planning for the continuity of construction of the various elements of each concrete structure is also quite an important issue that needs careful thought and consideration. As an example, sufficient numbers of Foundation structures must be completed well ahead of the need for wall forming and/or falsework. This will ensure that there will be no delays in the construction of the concrete walls due to inclement weather or other unforeseen occurrences. The same theory applies to all facets of the construction, and SCI's representatives will provide continuous input towards the successful implementation of this practice.

After all issues have been addressed and satisfied, SCI will recommend that the construction begin. This will now give the field personnel the “hands on” learning experience that we referred to earlier in this document.

Throughout the construction process, SCI maintains close communication with every client, requesting labor and material data taken from actual field reports. Should this data reflect an irregularity, SCI's engineers or technicians will carefully analyze the information and advise the client of how to rectify the situation.


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