Globalite® Systems Consulting Services (Optional - Fee Basis)

SCI offers consulting services that will assist in sourcing the most cost effective products, systems and methodology available to concrete housing. By our total concept construction philosophy, every client is assured that each housing unit is completed within the minimum amount of time and at the lowest possible overall cost.

The products or services that SCI is frequently asked to provide are…

  • Site Planning (Coordinated with outside engineering firm)
  • Conceptual design suggestions after review of local architect/engineer preliminary design
  • Architectural design assistance in cooperation with local architects
  • Structural design assistance with reinforced concrete elements in cooperation with local engineers
  • Concrete Mix - ACI or local standards
  • Construction Scheduling/Critical Path
  • Engineered Drawings - SCI Falsework & Formwork
  • Welded Wire Reinforcement/Reinforcing Bars - CRSI or local standards
  • Concrete Accessory Selection, Rebar Splices, Plastic Rebar Accessories, Form Release, Curing Agent
  • Windows & Window Frames manufacturers
  • Doors & Door Frames (Interior & Exterior) manufacturers
  • Kitchen Cabinets & Countertops manufacturers
  • Bath Cabinets & Vanities manufacturers
  • Flooring Materials
  • Electrical Materials & Systems (Including Pre-assembly)
  • Roof Systems & Materials
  • Plumbing Materials & Supplies
  • Paint & Surface Treatments (Interior & Exterior)
  • Roadway Systems - Curbs & Rollover Gutters
  • Sidewalk Systems - Straight & Radius Forms
  • Concrete Batching Equipment manufacturers
  • Concrete Pumping Equipment manufacturers
  • Site Storage of Equipment & Materials (Inventory Control)
  • Distribution of Equipment & Materials (Inventory Control)

SCI will assist towards the establishment of a liaison between our engineers and designers and local architects and engineers, which will ensure optimum results. We encourage and welcome close relationships in every discipline, throughout the duration of the project.



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