FORMWORK - Concrete Joist Construction

One Way Concrete Joist Construction

FRP or Steel forms provide an excellent structural design for projects that require wide column centering. Reduced dead weight of the structure is achieved by the use of these FRP or steel forms due to the voids created by them in the slab. After the concrete has attained the design strength, these forms are removed, cleaned, oiled and re-used. One way concrete joist designs commonly use reinforced concrete beams to carry the loading from column to column, with the one way joists spanning between the concrete beams.

FRP & steel forms for one way concrete joist construction may be fabricated as one piece forms or as sectional or modular lengths, that can be adjusted for spans of varying length.


SCI's Custom Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Forms used at this sports arena of a University in the northeast United States. Note the layout of this structure was on a radius, which createdfexeptionally beutiful effect in the ceiling of this concrete structure. Forms were used eight times.


Two Way Concrete Joist Construction