Radius Aluminum Gang Forms
Utilizing Articulated Adjustable Walers

SCI's Radius Aluminum Gang Forms for circular concrete structures and other concrete walls that must be constructed on a radius provide the most cost-effective, labor saving method available.

Radius Aluminum Gang Forms can be field assembled in 8'-0" +/- (2.50 M +/-) wide sections minimum up to a width of your option in repeat sections of similar widths by use of standard assembly hardware accessories. The heights of the Radius Aluminum Gang Forms will depend upon the heights of your concrete placements.

Radius Aluminum Gang Forms with Articulated Adjustable Walers can be used for concrete walls from 20'-0" (6.10 M) to 180'-0" (54.90 M) Inside Radius without having to re-pack or re-assemble.

The centering of the Articulated Adjustable Walers will determine the allowable form pressure that this system will withstand. 1500 PSF (7323 Kg/M²) is commonly used.

As SCI's standard 6.50" (165mm) deep Aluminum Joists are placed vertically, it is common that heights of the Radius Aluminum Gang Forms are configured in heights to 25'-0" +/- (7.50 M), depending on the lengths of the Aluminum Joists that are available. The Aluminum Joists used are also used for forming cast-in-place suspended concrete slabs, thus providing the user with other uses of this formwork product.

Field assembly is very fast and is accomplished with only a few workers. A simple template must be job built for setting the correct Inside Form Radius and Outside Form Radius. Forms are ready for use very soon after arrival at the jobsite. When conditions are possible, the Radius Aluminum Gang Forms can be assembled at the warehouse depot or contractor's yard and shipped via flatbed trailer to the jobsite.

This lightweight system weighs only 8.50 pounds/Ft² +/- (41.50 Kg/M²) and utilizes ¾" (19mm) thick Ply-Form as the form face material. Form ties such as Taper Ties, She-bolts, Threaded Ties, etc. can be used at the contractor's discretion. Use of a Ply-Form form face allows for location of Form Ties as needed without an interference with reinforcing steel.

The favorable low weight of this form system makes handling quite easy by use of a small crane with adequate capacity and reach to accommodate efficient handling.

Photographs on this page illustrate SCI's Radius Aluminum Gang Forms being used in 8'-0" (2.50 M) +/- widths x 16'-0" (4.88 M) high.


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